The Crewe & Nantwich
Twinning Association

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CANTA Latest information
The last committee meeting was held on 23rd April in the Crewe Polish Centre.The May meeting has been cancelled due to planned absences. The next meeitng will be on the 26th June. To read meeting minutes press the INFO-BANK tab and click on the relevant date.

There has been a request for assistance from Nantwich Choral Society for accommodation needs for weekend of return visit to Nantwich 23-25 June by Choir Arpege from Macon & to provide support wherever possible.

Although the end of July had been suggested for re-arranged visit from officials/representatives of Dzierżoniów and Bischofsheim this would not now be possible as this clashed with the summer holidays in Dzierzoniow. Separate events for the 2 towns might be easier in terms of hosting and availability. Arrangements will be discussed at a later meeting.

Educational links with Dzierżoniów will be explored following meetings with the William Stanier School.

Twin towns news

M√Ęcon Summer School
The deadline for applications has now passed. This course has alwa Follow other links by clicking on yellow arrows.ys been an interesting way to learn French in a fascinating French town. If anyone is going please let us know how you found it.

A view of Harry and Meghan from Bischofsheim.
Clive , our Chairman, has given his views on British reaction to Harry's autobiography. Many think his marriage and his subsequent published views of his life were a great mistake.