Bischofsheim is a delightful traditional German town in the state of Hessen, with a population of around 14,000.

Located between Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Frankfurt with the rivers Rhine and Main and their famous vineyards close by, Bischofsheim provides an ideal - and a very hospitable base - for visiting these places of interest, culture and beauty. It can trace its history back to the Romans who built a settlement here, later occupied by the Franks.

Bischofsheim strongly mirrors Crewe because of its railway history. The town did not become well established until the development of the railways in the 19th Century. When a new line was built linking it to Frankfurt, it became one of the most important junctions for freight and passenger traffic in southern Germany. As in Crewe, the railway brought in new families and new businesses, which needed new houses, roads and schools. Thanks to the railway, Bischofsheim's population doubled within half a century, and it became known as the 'Railway Community'. Still one of its most distinguishable landmarks today is an unusually designed water tower, built in the late 1920's to feed hundreds of thirsty steam engines.

Although Bischofsheim is a residential town numerous commercial and industrial concerns are located within a 15 mile radius including the famous Opel motor car plant in Russelsheim.